About Us

  • We focus on the highest standards of excellence and service to achieve results
  • We are always readily accessible and responsive to the needs of our investors and residents
  • Headquartered in Chicago, with regional offices in Atlanta

John F Kennedy

John ("Jack") Kennedy
President & CEO

John F. Kennedy founded the ChrisKen Group in 1982. Since its inception, he has been President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of ChrisKen's various affiliated entities.

In 1990/91 Mr. Kennedy jointly developed the Comerica/ChrisKen fund, a group trust formed to acquire a portfolio of apartment properties for institutional pension clients of Comerica Bank. In 1997, the Comerica/ChrisKen was converted to ChrisKen Residential Trust (CRT), a private REIT.

Following CRT's successful liquidation by December of 2007, CK Property Management, LLC was formed to take on future property management functions. Subsequent to the liquidation of CRT, CK became a consultant and Operating Partners to GE Asset Management, the real estate advisor to the General Electric Pension Trust.

Mr. Kennedy is a member of the Property Acquisition Committee within CK, with responsibilities that include market and property selection as well as all matter relating to acquisition due diligence.

Robert Mayer

Robert ("Bob") Mayer
Vice President & CFO

Robert Mayer is Executive Vice President and CFO of CK and various affiliated entities. Mr. Mayer has also been an officer, principal and director of numerous ChrisKen entities since 1984. Mr. Mayer oversees all financial and tax reporting aspects of all ChrisKen entities, including investor communications, review, and approval of each entity's annual operating budget. In addition, Mr. Mayer coordinates annual audits and tax return preparations, property debt financings asset and entity level valuations as well as financial oversight on all acquisition underwriting and due diligence. Mr. Mayer is a Certified Public Accountant.

David Heitzman

David Heitzman
Director of Property Management

David Heitzman is a Director and Principal of CK Property Management, LLC, with direct responsibility for all property level staffing and day-to-day management. Mr. Heitzman is a member of the Property Acquisition Committee with responsibilities that include market and property selection, management level acquisition due diligence that includes: physical inspections, lease audit review, preliminary upgrade design, and management take-over at closing. Mr. Heitzman supervises development of all property level budgets.